Erykah Badu Shares the Stage with Harmonica Master Frédéric Yonne | "Didn't You Know"


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Erykah Badu and Frederic Yonnet performing "Didn't You Know" live - Video by Kerwin Detracy Devonish

In a bold and pioneering move that leverages technology, art and reality, Urban Jazz harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet halts all aspects of production on his upcoming release, REED MY LIPS, to give you a snapshot of his work at this moment in the creative process. Dubbed his "Reality CD," REED MY LIPS: THE ROUGH CUT gives you access to his draft music, art, web and video concepts as they are still in development.

Using an instrument that many have owned but few have mastered, French-born Yonnet is regarded as one of the most talented and innovative harmonica players on the international music scene today. His impressive style and electrifying stage presence has led to recordings and performances with musical legends and leaders, including Grammy Award winners and music icons Stevie Wonder and Prince, pop-idols the Jonas Brothers, soul singers John Legend, Erykah Badu, Anthony Hamilton, India.Aire, as well as The National Symphony Orchestra and The Dayton Philharmonics. Rolling Stone magazine referred to Yonnet as "Prince's killer harmonica player" and praise from other influencers affirm his mission to change the way music enthusiasts and the industry regard the "pocket" instrument.

With each performance, stereotypical walls come tumbling down as Yonnet presents the harmonica in a refreshing and modern context. In his hands, the harmonica is stylish, it's cool. It's brilliant.

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