Staceyann Chin | performs "Tweet This You Small-Minded M**********r!" in Nairobi | UP Magazine


Courtesy of Kenyan artists' collective, The NEST, explosive Jamaican poet, author, activist and performance artist, Staceyann Chin was in Nairobi for a week-long visit in February 2013. Here she performs "Tweet This You Small-Minded M**********r!" at the February 15th show, "An Evening with Staceyann Chin" (media support by UP Magazine)

*Missing intro to the poem*

"Today @312Barstool (bigot) tweeted @staceyannchin (me)
"You're a dirty carpet munching cunt that belongs in my kitchen, washing my dishes and cock. Write a poem about that...."
So I took his advice and wrote the poem."

you are a rotting dick/an ass wipe
an open sore existing
among the worst tumors that plague humanity

you are an apology someone should have made
to women
centuries ago

today you remain
a very good reason abortions should be legal
and available
to every woman who finds herself
carrying the figurative fetus of your fetid misogyny

get the fuck out of my womb
you hater of your own origin
you forget you came from some woman's cunt
the pussy you so deride
provided path for you
to get here spewing such sick soliloquy

your existence
makes a good argument for capital punishment
only I hold myself
accountable to a more compassionate code of ethics
so I refrain from advocating
for the archaic quartering of you
I will also resist the urge
to imagine you shackled in sequestered servitude
kneeling at the altar of some woman's holy cunt
washing her feet with your mouth
I would not wish her the degradation
of your tongue on her flesh
your feet on her floors

you are the thing I will spend my entire life
trying to protect my daughter
from/the slime of your ignorance
the sweat of your hate
coward that you are
hiding behind the intangible shroud of the virtual
your keystrokes are the only ones with any power
unimportant little man
you splatter the male identity
with the putridity you exude
rotting apple/gonorrheal wound
refusing to heal/you would have us conclude
that most people with penises are like you

but for the stellar examples of men in my life
I would think you the norm
your actions would inform the love I cradle
for the small boys in my circle
earnestly learning
how to be better than the monster you are

far and away
fairytales and fiction pervade what they know of vaginas
valuing virginity over the virtue of being fair
bravado over advocating for equality
you make me wish I had a son
to personally prove your antithesis possible

you frighten me
with your ability to keep breathing
your inclination to replicate
to recruit
to keep pressing the boot of your discrimination
upon the necks of generation after generation
after generation

the only thing that prevents me from raising arms
and going guerilla after you with guns
is our collective dedication
to the eradication of your kind
across all the borders of feminism
and race
and spaces held wire against the throat of equality
women resist heart and body
cunts and collarbones
kitchens and bedrooms
we rebuke all you offer as fact
the act of tweeting something does not make true

you are only a narrow opinion
constructed poorly
one hundred forty characters/your cavalry
is not nearly as committed as mine
you and your cronies were contrived
to keep the best parts of us broken
these poems you and your drones continue to encourage
these litanies I continue to compose
will stand as evidence your crumbling tyranny
time will hold your actions
your utterances
as shameful

as it was with every disease before you
the strongest/most admirable parts of being human
will keep adapting/over and over
history has already shown us
what doesn't kill us/will make our resistance stronger
however unpleasant
the uphill task of surviving you as pandemic
can only make our species more immune

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