Dam'nco | The Rise of a Paris Super Group


The group Dam'nco is the new face of French Pop Jazz. The compositions, which borrow different musical styles are inspired by the atmospheres of the neighborhoods of Paris where there are all members of the group. Dam’nco burst on the scene with a batch of slickly produced music videos to showcase their upcoming project. The video promotional strategy was super successful and Dam'co quickly, collectively built a social media following of tens of thousands of fans.

„Dam'nco is the new face of French / Pop / Jazz... "Jazz with the French Touch“

- Dam'nco -

And just in case you’re wondering, the use of the term “super group” is no exaggeration as most of the members are band leaders and/or have solo projects of their own. And, to top it off, these guys already have a track record of recording and touring with some of the biggest names in the entertainment world…including Yannick Noah, Sinclair, Khaled, Pawn, Georges Alain Jones, Emma Daumas, Salif Keita, Zap Mama, Jean-Luc Ponty, Alain Caron, Bireli Lagrene, Frank Gambale, Dominique Di Piazza, Jean-Marie Ecay, Hadrien Feraud, Keziah Jones, Sanseverino, Michel Jonasz, Kassav,Touré Kunda, Eddy Louiss MC Solaar, Bisso na Bisso, les Nubians, Carlihnos Brown, Cheb Mami, Angelik Kidjo, Daby Toure, Sixun, Michel Jonasz, Maurane, Nguyen Le, Frank McComb, Julia Sarr, Pierre De Bethmann, Alfio Origlio, Eric Legnini Christophe Walemme, Magic Malik, David Links, Ibrahim Maalouf, Philippe Lavil, Tony Hunter, Dede Saint Prix, Valery Boston, Valerie Louri, Ousmane Touré, Pawn, Perle Lama… just to name a few.

„Dam'nco is the new face of French pop Jazz... "Jazz with the French Touch“

- Dam'nco -

And, then there’s the music. Damn’co calls it “French Pop Jazz or “Jazz with The French Touch!” We call it fresh, exciting and awesome with three exclamation points !!! Today a lot of, let’s say, “popular jazz” or smooth jazz artists minimize or exclude altogether the quintessential element of Jazz, the most important thing that makes Jazz timeless and universal: Improvisation. And that’s where Damn’co shines brightest because everyone of these guys absolute “Kill” their solos as improvision has a prominent place in their arrangements. So for example, on tracks like “From Paris with Love,” or “Barbes” the music is fun, rhythmic, melodic and danceable but at the same time musically very sophisticated.

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