Dimanche (Sunday) by Jeff Ludovicus

Jeff Ludovicus Dimanche Launch Party


Over the years, Jeff Ludovicus has been and remain one of the busiest and most sought after drummers / producers in the French music industry. Jeff Ludovicus consistantly keeps the groove, in-the-pocket and has been the driving force behind the rhythm sections of some of the biggest names in the business.

Some of the Artist's include Imany who just won the Globes de Cristal (French Grammys), iconic Jazz group, Saint Germain, Niels Lan Doky, Gino Vanelli, Sofi Hellborg gang, ASA, Gage, Idrissa Diop, Shaye Mané, China, Y'akoto, DjeuhDjoah, Lieutenant Nichoson, Kohndo... and currently Imany and Karim Kacel.

SOoooo it should come as no surprise that the debut solo project of Jeff Ludovicus, "Dimanche" has been highly anticipated and greeted with much enthusiasm! The title track, Dimanche features the enticing, soulful vocals of Kahina Ouali resting on a bed of acoustic piano and soft strings. Monsieur Husse is a jazz guitar spiced, mid-tempo groove, ABO (featuring Rebecca Phirmis and Hugues Fleriag) has an uptempo beat with the drums and bass standing out, while Chateau Rouge (featuring DjeuhDjoah) is a smooth jazz anthem to one of the famous “melting pot” districts of Paris..

Dimanche par Jeff Ludovicus is a fresh and new music direction! Dimanche is a mellow, cool collection of songs with soulful / pop vocals, contemporary jazz arrangements spiced with strings, energetic rhythms and smooth jazz Sax ... and in our world today full of turmoil, attitude and ego…perhaps this is just what we all need … just "chillout" and enjoy Dimanche.

DIMANCHE track listing

  • 1. DIMANCHE (Featuring Kahina OUALI)
  • 3. A SONG FOR LOULOU (Featuring Guillaume Eyango)
  • 5. MONSIEUR Ix
  • 6. LAKME
  • 7. MALMÖ
  • 8. NATHEÏS (Featuring Raphaëlle Audin)
  • 9. ABO (Featuring Rebecca Phirmis and Hugues Fleriag)
  • 10. CHÂTEAU ROUGE (Featuring DjeuhDjoah)
  • 12. DROP OF LIGHT (Featuring Noémie Costa)

The release party for Dimanche is going to be great evening. For this special occasion, in addition to my band, I've invited many of the artists, writers, producers and studio musicians who performed on the recording of Dimanche...and other special guests!"

- Jeff Ludovicus -

March 14 @ the Sunset | Jeff Ludovicus – batterie; Raphaëlle Audin – chant ; Djeuh Djoah – chant ; Kahina Ouali – chant ; Samantha Lavital – chant ; Olivier Thetis – chant ; Noémie Costa - Chant; Laurent Bonnet – sax ; Etienne Poinsot - trumpet; Cédric Duchemann – piano ; Rodolph Liskowitch – violoncelle ; Julien Grattard –violoncelle ; Ralph Lavital – guitare ; Jean-Christophe Raufaste – basse ; Guilhem Seguin – cajon ; Special Thanks to: Christophe Appel and Guilhem Seguin | Eyala Record Label, | advance tickets: http://www.sunset-sunside.com/2017/3/artiste/2524/4458/