From Paris Jazz Clubs to Stardom: Flavia Coelho

From Paris Jazz Clubs to Stardom | Flavia Coelho


Flavia Coelho, the beautiful, multi-talented, Brazillian Pop diva a few years ago worked as a resident in a famous Paris club called, Les Trois Mailletz. Les Trois Mailletz, in Saint Germain des Pres has a long history of live entertainment 7 nights a week and is an icon of Paris Nightlife. It’s also earned a reputation as a place where Paris entertainers and professional, world class entertainers can count on a steady pay check. Even Nina Simone was once a resident au Les Trois Mailletz.

Working and networking by night and writing music by day, Flavia’s songs eventually met up with the production skills of record producer Victor-Attila Vagh and her career took off like a rocket. Today the name, Flavia Coelho has serious marquee value as she performs for thousands across the globe.

5 years.. 3 albums a lot of laughter, tears and love, more than 300 dates of concert and you're always with me, once more a concert sold out in Paris... Thank you my friends to give me so much love!! “

- Flavia Coelho -

The music of Flavia is more of a fusion between Forro, Bossa, Raga, and Ska all stirred together to produce her unique sound. Flavia Coelho’s latest project is called Sonho Real. In her real dream (Sonho Real), the Favela (Na Favela) is a place of simple pleasures where stories are born in the back alleys and later told around a barbecue.



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