We're Back on the Block!

"UrbanSuiteJazz.Com is back on the block with a new design, a new concept and a new attitude... And this time we’re here to stay!“

- urbansuitejazz.com -

UrbanSuiteJazz.Com is back on the block with a new design, a new concept and a new attitude! And this time we’re here to stay. There’s a lot of exciting new features but perhaps the most important change is the concept itself. While the original UrbanSuiteJazz.Com only featured music, the new USJ features music, art and a fashion/style section as well. Hense our new tagline…UrbanSuiteJazz.Com is a Jazz inspired, creative community and premium online store.

Speaking of online stores…. Our ecommerce platform will be the first of many new features from our development partners (1MediaTech.Com) which we’ll launch just before the holidays. We’d love to tell you more but our store is a closely guarded secret as it adds a cool new twist to ecommerce. Stay tuned..

Our visitors and friends can expect amazing music videos, cutting edge fashion and  the latest news, reviews and interviews... with exceptionally gifted artist, writers and poets. Members of our jazz, art, and fashion creative community can register (here) for photo sharing and upload their own media and showcase their wares to our ever growing group of JazzyFunkySoulfulPoeticArtisticFashionable  visitors...and that's a marketing bullseye!

So thanks for your visit we hope you’ll enjoy the site and find tons of great content to share with Your friends. USJ .