High Drunk Love You (feat. Ellis Hall) Jamming with the FunkHaus Band!

High Drunk Love You (feat. Ellis Hall) Audio Version https://music.apple.com/us/album/high... Jamming with the FunkHaus Band! Ellis Hall - Vox / Organ / Clavinet Casey Abrams - Vox / Bass Jacob Scesney - Tenor Sax Mike Cottone - Trumpet Lemar Guillary - Trombone Wes Smith - Barritone Sax Quinton Zigler - Keyboard / Vox Jeremy Beiber - Guitar Martin Diller - Drums Stacey Lamont Sydner - Percussion Monika Lightstone - Director / Camera Nechama Marcus - Camera Mendy Wolf - Camera Ira Abrams - Additional Camera Studio - Boulevard Recording Clay Blair - Recording engineer John Elyashiv - Assistant Engineer Joel Eckels - Sound Mixer Special Thanks -- Leighala Jiminez-Hall Brooklyn Bruce Thanks Ellis for sharing your talent and Voice Written by Casey Abrams & Bobby Hamrick

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