Lisa Spada - Family Tree (Clip Officiel)


Premier album "Family Tree" disponible le 13 Avril 2015 (Modulor/ Lala Records)
Single "Family Tree" disponible sur

Artiste : Lisa Spada feat. Edash Quata
Titre : Family Tree (Réal. Obsidienne Studio/ Musique Lisa Spada / Paroles Lisa Spada - Edash Quata)
Danseurs : Kaê Carvalho/ Salomon Asaro
Percussionniste : Quang Vu

Production : Ilomba Images
Producteur : Romain Mourgue
Directeur de production : Camille Wuillaume
Réalisation / Montage : Nicolas Humbert
Directeur de la photographie : Xavier Dolléans
Assistant réalisateur : Simon Capy/ Assistant opérateur : Adrien David/ Chef électro : Alexis Grahovac/ Chef machiniste : Alexandre Chapelard/ Maquilleuse : Tiffany Lyonnette/ Costumière : Clotilde Veillon / Régisseur général: Justine Macé/ Régisseur : Tatiana Boudry / FX : Valentin Chetelat & Basile Maffone/ Etalonnage : Théo Rausch

Remerciements :
Académie Fratellini - Tsunagari Taiko Center - Aloïse Sauvage – Alexandre Castaing – Francesca Spada – Nicolas Duchêne - Les Perrots - Camille Darmagnac - Rémi Durel & Rémi Barbot -

Paroles :
You were born
On a summer's day
In the City of Lights

Your daddy wasn’t rich
But he used to bring happiness at home
Soon your innocence away
War was here
and you grew up
grew up in a day

The Family
The Family
The Family Tree
The Family
Our Family
The Family Tree
This Family
That Family
The Family Tree
My Family
Your Family
Our Family Tree

You were born
The 9th of September
In the city of your mother
Your daddy wasn’t rich
But he worked hard to make it ! YEAH
Soon the times would change
And you'd be a part of it
Revolution is here now and you will change with it

we talk about the fathers of the
the brothers of the
the men of the family tree
and we talk about the mothers of the
the sisters of the
all the women in the family tree
and we talk about the progenies of the
the children of the
the seeds of the family tree
and we talk about the grounds of the
the hustle of the
the trust in the family tree

Be something the world could be proud of/ have standards, half done work is work not done… that
matters/ that don’t mean you gotta please the world/ NO / do your thing, reality recognizes, thanks and
rewards those with the realest work/ father of a family, broad shoulders hold responsibility and the
muscle to go hard against gravity/ grave times want brave men/ those bang for causes beyond bling-
bling on Tv and the bills in banks/ god damn you think am hating huh?../ you empty vessel/ look, this
mind is mine, that doe aint yours weren’t you taught, I’ll explain it/ I die, I take my mind with me, leave
you virtues/ you die they split your doe and when its gone, they forget you/ what’s there to hate?../
where am from skill is wealth/ how you use it is crucial/ get your doe but then watch it/ behave right/
with humility/ this is the royal family/ never forget, you are your father’s son, so honor the family tree

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